Genevieve Saucier Studio
Fine Art & Illustration

I was born and studied arts in Québec, Canada. I have a college degree in interior design and a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Québec in Montréal. My work has been shown in several group and solo shows in Montréal, Atlanta and New York.

As a painter with with background studies in design and architecture, I like to incorporate the aesthetic side of those practices into my paintings. Building my images like a collage,I paint in a multi-step process that leads to a paradox between an organized, constructed imagery and an intuitive, random way of getting there. The viewer can see and imagine his own landscape in those I have created.

My latest work has been influenced by my life in New York, and incorporates figurative elements of the city into my abstract sceneries. I recently relocated to London and am looking forward to new European inspirations!

I also welcome commissioned pieces and freelance illustration projects.